July Writing Prompt : Write About Something That Makes You Smile

Picture this: you open your mailbox, expecting the usual – bills, promotional flyers, the odd catalog – but instead, you find a small rectangle of thick, glossy paper. As you pull out this unexpected delight, you see a beautiful image on one side and on the other, a handwritten note that instantly brings a smile to your face. That’s the charm of receiving a postcard, a physical token of connection in our increasingly digital world.

This month, we’re inviting you to rekindle that charm and spread some smiles by participating in our July Writing Prompt: “Write About Something That Makes You Smile.

As a conduit of emotions, a postcard is a special medium. Its limited space challenges us to distill our thoughts into the most potent form, every word carrying weight. This prompt provides an opportunity to harness this power to create a ripple of joy, starting from your pen and reaching out across physical distance.

We all have those things in life that bring us joy, those simple or grand moments that never fail to make us smile. Maybe it’s the aroma of freshly baked bread wafting from the kitchen, the joyous wag of your dog’s tail when you come home, or the tranquil beauty of a sunset. Perhaps it’s the hearty laughter shared with friends, or the feel of a book in your hands. This month’s writing prompt urges you to reflect on these moments and share them.

In crafting your postcard, think about the details that ignite your happiness. Describe the smells, tastes, sounds, sights, and feelings associated with your joyful experience. Remember, it’s not just about the words – make use of the visual element of a postcard. You could choose an image that represents your source of joy or maybe even create a custom design!

However, the intent behind this prompt extends beyond self-expression and artistic exploration. It’s also about fostering connection. By sharing your joys, you provide a glimpse into your world, spreading positivity and potentially inspiring others to reflect on their own sources of happiness. In a time where distance seems more palpable than ever, such shared smiles can create a bridge, bringing us a little closer.

Participating in this postcard writing prompt can prove to be a joyous exercise in reflection, creativity, and connection. So, grab your favorite pen, a unique postcard, and embark on this journey of spreading smiles and shared joy.

The joy you find in your everyday life can illuminate someone else’s day in unexpected ways. So let’s get writing about something that makes you smile and spread those smiles far and wide.

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